Unix Prime

Operating at the highest levels of magnificence, Unix Prime is a discreet brokerage that offers lifestyle choices focusing on homes of all types, ones built on land or for the road, air or water.

Through our far-reaching network of luxury, our pride is in our ability to bring the client much closer to the offerings that reflect their desires and realize their dreams.

Real Estate

Our extensive knowledge of Value Markets known for creating significant wealth or for persevering value throughout cycles is a cornerstone of our ability to deliver and succeed.

Locations like London, resort destinations like the Côte d’Azur or emerging virgin landscapes of Southeast Asia are our forté.



Private air travel is a world on its own.

Recognizing subtleties of owner requirements and producing appropriate tasteful results for the discerning client are a challenge welcomed.



Be it a rare classic car totally rebuilt to concours condition or a soon to be released limited car production, our knowledge of the industry drives our ability to deliver even in the most demanding circumstances.



Luxuries on the seas come in small or significant packages.

From a craft built exquisitely from the finest materials to a complex mega yacht requiring the expertise of the best designers and shipyards, we orchestrate the perfect equation for our clientele.


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